Shocase Salon Dinner Brings Out Marketing’s Best


Shocase hosted its very first dinner salon on April 14, 2015 at the Waterbar in San Francisco and 18 stars of the marketing world from around the country came to play!

The room was electrifying with creative genius and laughter as each met, mingled and discovered future opportunities for collaboration with each other across their various disciplines.

The guest list included: graphic designers Primo Angeli and Michael Schwab; experiential marketing executives Louise Glasgow, Rod Mickels and David Wilkinson; advertising creative directors Chuck McBride and Vince Engel; branding and identity developers Alan Brew, John Diefenbach and Courtney Reeser; and digital and social experts Renee Blodgett, Kimberly Brooks, Burt Arnowitz, Dave Arnowitz, Shane Ginsberg, Rudy Poat, Matt Silverman, Daniel Stein and Doug Stevenson.

These very special marketing titans have represented Fortune 50 clients and the top brands in the world, including: Apple, Bank of America, BMW, British Airways, Cisco, Citi, Coca-Cola, Disney, FedEx, Intel, Microsoft, Mercedes, Nike and Visa, to name a few.

Heard from every table was a buzz of thought-provoking conversations, including the suggested dinner topic: How are Millennials changing the marketplace? It was fascinating to hear the different viewpoints people had even within their own table. Chuck McBride, CCO of Cutwater thought Millennials should just stop getting labeled in general; they shouldn’t have to endure the bad rap that comes with their generational name.

“The integration of marketing disciplines is a real hot topic, especially with the challenges of marketing to Millennials,” said Ron Young, CEO and Shocase Founder. “The ideas discussed by this group were inspiring and demonstrate the creativity generated when marketers from different disciplines come together. I’m truly excited to see the collaborative results that come from this dinner and the Shocase community overall.”

New friendships were formed. Potential business deals were discussed. But the highlight of the evening came when Shane Ginsberg, President of EVB and marketing giant in his own right, was introduced to legendary designer Primo Angeli. As it turns out, Primo was Shane’s childhood idol. That’s a Shocase connection for the books. Truly a special evening for everyone all around.

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Shocase Salon Dinner Brings Out Marketing's Best