We Need More Marketing in Content Marketing

There is no need to underline that “content marketing is the king” and all the other topics we should talk are content marketing related. Yes, you are a brand and you need content marketing. Yes, you are a marketer and you need to do content marketing. Yes, nowadays content marketing is a good way to promote your business. Yes, through content marketing you can educate, inspire, teach and do business.

But content marketing is not only about creating a blog post, launching a new video or designing an infographic. When I talk about content marketing, I’m talking about everything that is related to content and you can manage it so that your community can help.

For example, if you have an e-commerce website and you sell iPhone cases, why not write a story about every case? Why not let your community give reviews and be transparent about your product and tell the world why they are good or bad? And most important, why not be the king of iPhone cases and create a documentary (like the CMI has done with Content Marketing History) or write articles about more than just technical requirements? Why not write stories about your product and other topics related to your customer’s needs?

Maybe you know all of these strategies and that’s great. But guess what? If you write some articles it doesn’t mean you are doing content marketing. Content Marketing is made up of 2 words: Content and Marketing. Now that you have the “content” part covered, what about “marketing”? How do you promote and share your content? As marketers, we know that marketing is not only about promoting, but also about research, it’s about asking questions and finding the solution for a problem.

I believe that in the future the big difference in content marketing will be made by marketing.

Content Marketing without Marketing is just two words put together.

Today is almost all about content marketing and there are a lot of companies creating content but few of them understand that they need to invest more in marketing. It doesn’t matter that you write articles every day if you don’t promote them on the right platform, at the right time for the right user. It doesn’t matter that you have 5 content creators in your marketing department if you don’t have a marketing strategy for everything you are doing.

There is no 50% content and 50% marketing. There is no perfect percentage and a successful strategy that will help your business. Why? Because every business has its own strategy, context, audience, product, and goal. And these percentages depend on these factors.

And good marketing is no longer just about product, place, price and promotion. It’s about research, about having a clear goal and experimenting new strategies that will drive results that show you what works better for your brand.

So my dear marketer, if you are still doing content without having a clear goal, without thinking like a true marketer then you should stop right now and start being smarter.

Robert Katai – Visual Marketer and Brand Evangelist at Bannersnack, an online app for banner design. Passionate about visual marketing, Instagram and the future of marketing. You can also read his personal blog on www.robertkatai.com

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We Need More Marketing in Content Marketing