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Shocase Assembles 100+ Thought Leaders Marketers Need to Follow – 4/13/2016 – PDF
Shocase Exceeds the 100,000 Member Milestone – 3/8/2016 – PDF
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Rich Silverstein Discusses the Pitch That Landed San Francisco as This Year’s Big Game Host – 2/4/2016 – PDF
Shocase Celebrates One-Year Anniversary; Surpasses 85,000 Members – 1/28/2016 – PDF
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Shocase Founder and CEO Ron Young Named to AAF National Board of Directors – 11/11/2015 – PDF
Shocase Streamlines Process for Marketers to Find Work and Talent – 9/23/2015 – PDF
Shocase Releases Latest “Shocase PRESENTS” Mini-Documentary Videos with a Focus on Social Media – 8/26/2015 – PDF
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American Advertising Federation (AAF) and Shocase Announce Social Media Partnership – 6/23/2015 – PDF
Shocase Introduces Legendary Designers Primo Angeli, Courtney Reeser and Michael Schwab as Company Senior Advisors – 6/2/2015 – PDF
Shocase Welcomes Five Experiential Marketing All-Stars as Company Advisors – 5/12/2015 – PDF
Shocase Membership Soars Over First 90 Days – 5/5/2015 – PDF
Thought Leadership “Shocase Salon” Connects Influencers Across the Marketing World – 4/14/2015 – PDF
Shocase Introduces Four Branding Elites as Company Advisors – 3/24/2015 – PDF
Shocase Unveils “Shocase PRESENTS,” a New Original Content Video Series Featuring Luminaries from the World of Marketing – 3/11/2015 – PDF
World-Renowned Graphic Designers Steff Geissbühler and Kit Hinrichs Bring their Talents and Expertise to Shocase – 2/18/2015 – PDF
Shocase Celebrates the Players Behind the Best Big Game Commercials – 1/30/2015 – PDF
Shocase Unveils the First Social Network for the $2 Trillion Marketing Sector – 1/21/2015 – PDF

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What is Shocase?

Shocase is Marketing’s Professional Network. Built to feature, connect and promote marketing professionals from all disciplines, Shocase functions seamlessly as a social network, professional crowd-sourced marketing archive and personalized online portfolio. Most importantly, Shocase is the place marketers come to discover and be discovered by the people who can advance their business and careers.

What big problem does the company solve?

Shocase is the first social network designed specifically for professionals in the $2 trillion global marketing sector. Until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated vertical network for the world’s 100+ million marketers to display their work and be discovered by those who need their expertise.

What are the key features of the network?

Shocase is the first social network designed specifically for professionals in the marketing sector that helps members get noticed, stay informed and build business.

  • Shocase’s powerful interface enables people to display their best work and credit their team. By acknowledging their collaborators, Shocase members enhance their professional credibility and multiply their visibility within the network (e.g. the more Projects and Team Members they add on Shocase, the more pages on which will appear). This feature grows the network and creates “viral visibility” for members.
  • The Shocase News Feed keeps members up-to-speed on the latest developments in their network, industry trends, areas of interest, new project postings, job changes and updates on the colleagues they follow.
  • Members can pitch new business by easily sending samples of their work to potential clients directly from Shocase.

Where is Shocase located?

Shocase is based in San Francisco.

What industries does the company target? 

Shocase serves the full spectrum of sub-vertical practice areas within the world of marketing, including brand management, advertising, PR, design, digital, shopper marketing, packaging design, event/experiential, analytics, SEO, social and content marketing.

How big is the market opportunity?

There are over 100 million marketing professionals across the globe that spend over $2 trillion dollars annually.

Who are some of the company’s customers?

The company’s customers are individuals and firms that live in the world of marketing – across all the sub-vertical practice areas.

How is the company financed?

Shocase is privately funded and has raised $19M to date.

Who are the company’s founders and key team members?

Ron Young, founder and CEO, has a proven business track record with more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing leader. He previously held prominent marketing roles at Levi’s, CVS and Electronic Arts, and was founder or CMO of three companies that achieved nine-figure exits. CTO Dave Burgess is formerly Chief Architect of Global Advertising Solutions at Yahoo! and leads Shocase’s Engineering Team.

The company has 30+ engineers and product designers, led by four PhDs from top universities (Stanford, MIT, Oxford and the Russian Academy of Sciences) with experience in Fortune 500 companies.

When did the company form?

The company formed in 2012.

What key intellectual property does the company have?

The company has 11 patents pending on its innovative technology.